The Zhas Qazaq summer camp has opened its doors to over 250 ethnic Kazakh children

The Zhas (young) Qazaq summer ethno-camp for ethnic Kazakh children living abroad commenced at the IQanat High School of Burabay and will run until July 7.

“Our camp aims to show children the Kazakh culture, introduce them to history, and teach them the language. There are additional classes in mobilography, robotics and artificial intelligence,” said Murat Zhanibek, Director of the Zhas Qazaq.(Source:astanatimes)

The Zhas Qazaq summer camp has previously hosted over 400 children. This year, it welcomes 255 children from Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, South Korea, and Iran.

The camp is organized with the support of the Otandastar Foundation, under the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the IQanat Foundation.

The Otandastar Foundation, a non-profit organization, consistently provides cultural, humanitarian, informational, and advisory support to ethnic Kazakhs living abroad. Through educational projects like the summer camp, the foundation helps these children connect with their ancestral homeland.


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