SCO Energy Ministers Define Cooperation Priorities Until 2030

The SCO Energy Ministers approved the draft strategy for the development of energy cooperation until 2030, initiated by Kazakhstan, during a June 20-21 meeting in the Kazakh capital.

“We have reached a consensus on the need for a balanced approach, the development of both traditional and renewable energy in accordance with the national conditions of the SCO countries,” noted Kazakh Energy Minister Almasadam Satkaliyev.(Source:astanatimes)

The meeting participants also deliberated on strategic approaches to advance energy cooperation, emphasizing the development of innovative strategies and proposing concrete solutions to ensure the sustainability and growth of the energy sector across SCO member states, observer states, and dialogue partner countries.

Ministers exchanged perspectives on the current status and future prospects of the global and regional energy agendas. They discussed the evolution of the energy industry, including opportunities for attracting investment and securing financing for various projects and initiatives in this field.

Currently, the SCO collectively represents approximately one-third of the global gross domestic product (GDP), covers 60% of Eurasia's territory, and includes 42% of the world's population. The organization unites major producers, transit nations, and consumers of energy resources.


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