Medal Designs for World Nomad Games Revealed

The design for the medals for the upcoming fifth World Nomad Games was unveiled during the press briefing at the Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan on June 24.

Nail Nurov, who leads the directorate for organizing the fifth World Nomad Games, showcased the three medal designs, all crafted from a bronze alloy. The medals are designed to embody the symbols of Kazakh nomads, linking them to the games.

“In the center of the medal is the logo of the games: it is a solar man, symbolizing the movement forward, the desire to win, to succeed. The contour of the medal is made in our national symbol, shanyrak (the crown of the Kazakh yurt), which frames the medal,” said Nurov.

The ribbon of the medal is colored in carnelian, reflecting the theme of the games, and includes specific details about the location and timing.

Serik Zharasbayev, Vice-Minister of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan, provided updates on participants and preparations for the games.

“The ‘one line’ concept is applied to sports infrastructure in Astana. Seven main sports facilities located along Kabanbai and Turan streets will be used. One of them is Astana Arena. On Sept. 8, the grand opening ceremony will be held there,” said Zharasbayev.(Source:astanatimes)


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