Kazakhstan is ranked 12th globally in terms of petrol prices

Kazakhstan ranks 12th in the world for the cheapest petrol prices, with a rate of $0.55 per liter, according to the recent Rhino Car Hire’s ranking of global petrol and diesel fuel prices.

In Asia, Kazakhstan ranks second after Turkmenistan, which holds the top position in Asia and eighth globally with petrol priced at $0.43 per liter. Following closely, the Kyrgyz Republic ranks third in Asia, offering petrol at $0.78 per liter.

Globally, Iran leads with petrol prices at $0.03 per liter, largely due to substantial government subsidies, making it the cheapest petrol provider worldwide despite recent price adjustments and rationing measures. Venezuela follows closely with a price of $0.04 per liter, securing the second position globally despite grappling with severe economic challenges like hyperinflation and resource mismanagement.

According to EnergyProm, Kazakhstan experienced a notable uptick in fuel production at the beginning of 2024. During the first two months of the year, the country produced 899,800 tons of petrol, marking a 3.1% increase from the same period last year. Diesel production also saw a rise of 5.8%, reaching 857,200 tons.

By January, Kazakh refineries had nearly met the entire domestic demand, supplying 99.99% of petrol and 98.3% of diesel fuel.(Source:astanatimes)


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