Kazakhstan possesses 3.8 trillion cubic meters of recoverable gas reserves

Kazakhstan’s proven recoverable gas reserves stand at 3.8 trillion cubic meters, comprising 2.2 trillion cubic meters of associated gas and 1.6 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, reads the statement of the Committee of Geology of the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Construction on July 2.

According to Kazinform, British Petroleum estimates Kazakhstan's proven natural gas reserves at 2.3 trillion cubic meters, ranking the country 15th globally. Kazakhstan's share in global natural gas volume is 1.2%.

Russia leads with 37.4 trillion cubic meters, followed by Iran with 32.1 trillion cubic meters, and Qatar with 24.7 trillion cubic meters. The Kazakh Ministry of Energy highlighted the variance in data and plans to adopt British Petroleum's reserve calculation methods for consistency.

“This discrepancy in indicators is caused both by the high proportion of associated petroleum gas in Kazakhstan’s gas reserves and by differences in the methods of calculating reserves, according to which the state plans to switch to international standards in the near future,” reads the Ministry’s statement.(Source:astanatimes)


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