Kazakhstan Gains Popularity as a Destination Among Chinese Travelers

This summer, Kazakhstan is expected to be a key lure for Chinese tourists, alongside traditional destinations like Japan and Thailand, reported Kazinform on June 24.

According to Cirium, an aviation analytics website, Kazakhstan, one of the fastest-growing destinations in Asia, is benefiting from its involvement in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which boosts its appeal to the world’s largest travel market.

South Korea and Japan have already experienced an influx of Chinese tourists due to currency depreciation against the yuan. Meanwhile, Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand attract visitors with visa-free entry and relatively lower costs.

Kazakhstan stands out among these destinations. According to data from the ForwardKeys travel website, travel from China to Kazakhstan is growing significantly, surpassing even the substantial increases seen in countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

“Other destinations that are expected to outpace 2019 levels show hints of geopolitical influence. Türkiye, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan top the list of countries expected to see an increase in travel from China,” according to Cirium.(Source:astanatimes)


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