Kazakh Government Explores Regional Strategies for a Greener Economy

The Kazakh Government convened a council meeting on the transition to a green economy to discuss measures for more balanced regional development to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 and reduce energy intensity.

The meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov, focused on the draft plan measures to fulfill the green economy targets, as reported by the Prime Minister’s press service on June 27.

During the meeting, akims (mayors) of the country’s regions presented measures taken to protect the environment. The North Kazakhstan Region showed positive results with renewable energy, boasting 174 sources generating 70.3 megawatts (MW). Additionally, 125 biomass boilers using plant-origin fuel were installed, providing energy to 80 budget institutions and saving nearly 260 million tenge (US$559,008).

In 2023, enterprise emissions in the Akmola Region were 96% lower than in 2021, and green energy accounted for 74% of the region's electric power industry. The Zhambyl Region reported plans to repair 257 water bodies by 2025 to ensure efficient water resource use, as the region's main irrigation water comes from the transboundary rivers Talas and Shu.

For over a decade, Kazakhstan has been implementing the concept of transitioning to a green economy. During this period, the share of renewable energy increased to 4.5%. The recycling rate of production waste reached 25%, while consumption waste recycling hit 39%. Employing the best available techniques by industrial and agricultural enterprises is one of the most effective tools for achieving the goals of the green economy concept.

“To provide financial support for environmentally friendly projects, it is necessary to develop mechanisms for green lending and the issuance of green bonds,” Bektenov said.(Source:astanatimes)


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