The European Parliament elections are expected to create new opportunities for Kazakhstan

The European Parliament elections could be pivotal for the future of the European Union (EU) and its relations with Central Asian countries, including Kazakhstan. As the EU aims to develop trade and energy corridors bypassing Russia, a strong emphasis will be placed on regional cooperation, prioritizing connectivity in trade, energy, transport, sustainable development, and human rights.

Marat Ramazanov, the chief expert of the Department of European and American Studies at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies (KazISS), emphasized the importance of the European Parliament elections in furthering the systematic cooperation between Kazakhstan and the EU. This cooperation, which began following Kazakhstan's independence in 1991, reached a significant milestone when Kazakhstan became the first Central Asian country to sign and ratify the Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the EU in December 2015.

The European Parliament recently adopted a resolution on the EU Strategy for Central Asia on January 17th. This comprehensive document aims to strengthen political and economic partnerships with Kazakhstan, recognizing its strategic significance in the region.

“Investment and development of Kazakhstan’s transit and transport industry, including the Middle Corridor, will remain priorities,” said Ramazanov.(Source:astanatimes)


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