Kazakhstan's President has strengthened laws to prevent vandalism and property damage

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev signed a law on July 5, increasing penalties for human trafficking, vandalism, and property damage. State Counselor Erlan Karin commented that the law was part of the initiatives proposed at the National Kurultai in March in Atyrau.

“In his Atyrau speech, the President called for combating negative manifestations of bad manners and lack of culture, referring to vandalism as a destructive behavior,” Karin wrote on his Telegram channel on July 6.(Source:astanatimes)

The law increases penalties for polluting public places, intentionally destroying or damaging another person's property, deliberately damaging historical and cultural monuments, natural complexes under state protection, and objects or documents of special historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural significance.


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